sanrio containers

$6.00 - $13.00
sanrio containers


from 1995, 1996, and 1997

L, M, N: (1995) tin container in three colors, the lid looks really good for being almost 30, but the body has cosmetic damage.. so you shouldnt feel bad about throwing it in your purse and scratching it up! show it a good EOL.. about 2" diameter

I: (1996) a dainty plastic charm for just 2 pills. it has a charm loop, maybe you can hang a little charm off of it.. would be memorable..
its a little bigger than 2" x 1"

J, K: (1997) its supposed to be for bento. i thought it was a strawberry but now i think its a tomato he is holding. its food safe so you can put medicine etc. inside .. about 1" diameter



2 inch diameter maximum (not very big)
the smaller ones are 1.5" diameter

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