When is your drop?? why aren't you posting the date and time..
I decided to keep the exact date and time private to only those in my discord server orz. i wanted to incentivize the people who have showed me the most support because the traffic to my site has been really heavy when i post about it on twitter.. anyone is welcome 2 join my server though!! the server also has an hour headstart before i post about it on twitter ^__^ 

By accident my address is wrong AAAHH!!
it's okay just dm me on twitter or email me or message me on discord it's not a big deal!! I write all of the addresses by hand :-) also if you make multiple orders I will simply consolidate them but I will not refund the extra shipping >__> consider it a tip..

How long until my parcel is shipped?

I try to ship out untracked orders (stickers and things less than 1oz only) within 3 days and tracked orders between 2 and 3 weeks— if it ends up approacing 4 weeks i will typically include some sort of bonus ^__^ i appreciate your patience with me I'm just one guy..

What happened to the 3D Printed Xb—
I'M WORKING ON THEM IM SO SORRY AAHH i burned through $75 worth of materials on failed builds because the settings were causing the xbox to have a big.. mush in the corner. like it was totally smooshed.. anyways I AM STILL actively making them ToT they take about 8 hours to print and 2-5 hours to do post processing.. I have 6 to make still and 2 on my private waitlist. DM or email if you'd like 2 be added on that.. orz..

Where are your products made?
Everything on my site is either:
1) made in my living room
2) made in the united states
3) vintage and deadstock products that are purchased from collectors either overseas or domestically

Help my parcel was lost or stolen.. ToT
so far only 3 parcels out of like.. over 300 orders have been totally lost. 2 of them were due to weird college campus mail room stuff. it is my formal recommendation that you ship anything vintage to an address at which you regularly receive parcels!!! if the parcel was lost and it's just my stickers, I will send replacements at no extra cost :-) just let me know.. 

How are you so cool..
I was raised by 2 girl junglists and a gamer \m/ (//_-) \m/

How did you get to where you are [as an artist]?
I've been drawing for as long as i can remember because my mom was also an artist. in fact i got to go with her to class when she was in art school: so one of my first lessons in art was sitting in her graphic design class learning Photoshop 3.0 haha. i ended up racking up a lot of awards and accolades as a kid artist, including my first gallery showing outside of school at age 13. when i was in high school, due to a clerical oversight i ended up at an engineering magnet instead of an art one, and i fell in love with robotics (there is a lot of creative problem solving and also opportunity for design and also i love to work with my hands and being precise and leveraging certain qualities of materials- it's very artlike...) and eventually i pursued mechanical engineering in college. i felt super out of place from having a hands-on creative background (engineering college is mostly all theory..) so i ended up pursuing studio art on the side. it was one of the hardest things ive ever done in my life ToT i was a total wreck but it gave me the confidence and skill to take design seriously. anyways i'm graduated now and i do artwork for an aerospace engineering company (I'm illustrating a children's book o__O) and Anne Hero is just my side gig because it's fun ^__^ i like owning and also sharing cool things..

What would you recommend to a younger artist/designer who wants to make this a career?
please have a back up plan ToT i can't stress this enough... i would not have been able to fund ANYTHING if i didnt also work part time, which has insurance and a 401k— both of these would be harder to have as a freelancer. If you want to do funky illustration, you have to actually practice life drawing and anatomy in a setting where you can be critiqued by someone knowledgable.. i know it sucks and nobody wants to hear this ToToT but it's one of the biggest indications of amateur vs. professional art. like we can tell who didnt put in the studio hours.. if you arent dealing with human figures, art education is really important for design principles as well. of course you can just read stuff online, but having an old man tell you your art sucks (whether or not it actually does suck) is important for young artists.... :-)

Is there any general advice youd had for someone like me? 
i want to reiterate- be good at a few unrelated things!! and don't worry about being "good" or "bad" for your age, growing up on the gaia online and deviant art days were really traumatizing as a preteen and teenager haha. and not every piece will be better than the previous, you have to have patience with yourself. and never sacrifice your health over classwork (especially in college) nothing is ever that serious.. ToT

Where did you get your earmuffs??
ebay o__O they are a liscensed sanrio product from around 2001; my mom had 2 pairs of hello kitty earmuffs from her clubbing days (she used to dance in front of the speakers) (i also love feeling the bass but i would not recommend this because she started going deaf at 30 ToT) so i wanted to get a pair that was different from her, but still paid homage to that part of our lives... also keroppi is so cool..

video games sanrio and more fashion music animation and comics

••• good luck have fun •••