jungle mixes [2 CD SET]

jungle mixes [2 CD SET]

in two flavors!
sorted VERY loosely on what i liked the most about them >_<

• transition - biostrap, dj bean, bambi

• selection - tee vera, dazegxd, braindamage, lola lilac

there are TWO VERSIONS and there are TWO DISKS in each. if you were to get both, there would be FOUR UNIQUE DISKS in your possession.. please reread this carefully instead of emailing me..

don't worry about these selling out; i will have them around a while because i want to bring them to shows from now on.

there are also bonus tracks on all of the CDs! ^_^ i think it's a cute collectors item- of course all of these mixes can be found on soundcloud for free. they are also here.. https://www.annehero.world/cool-music

i paid each artist $150 for their time.. you can do the math on that >_< it makes me happy to get them paid and also to help them reach a new audience..

i will be doing a 6 CD run eventually.. i'm waiting on intimacy simulator and dj asexual u can go take that up w them.. i'm just kidding love u..

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••• good luck have fun •••